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Wally Is On Probation!
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Up To No Good In Daytona Beach!
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Gator Bait 2003
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Mr. Gator's Neighborhood
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This year, after neglecting to go to the trouble of picking a winner for a while, we decided to bestow the title of Miss Gator Bait 2007 upon Joy, seen here making her rounds along Atlantic Avenue. Wally's neighborhood is changing. In the background you can see where the fifth lane has been turned into a medium strip with planted palm trees. This makes it difficult for the motorcycle police to patrol the crowded streets during Bike Week. The Sea Dunes still stands tall, despite uncertainty as to whether each stay will be the last. Only the Thunderbird, renamed the Seaside, remains open for business. The Shamrock has been torn down, the Esquire condemned due to hurricane damage, and the Sailmaker behind us is now a Daytona Police substation.
Busted once again for indecent exposure in 2006, Wally has been ordered to lay low and to "keep it in his pants." Sea Dunes residents have found other ways to amuse themselves, such as conducting their "Boobies for Beads" campaign and trolling for deadbeats on the sidewalk using Paulita's wallet with fishing tackle device.
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